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2009-09-02 23:31:18 by LUIGIMASTER234

i will tell the reasons because i am bad as hell. MARIOMASTER123123123 have a lots of friends i wish that i have friends. the only persons that talk to me every time is MM123 and kevan but kevan he is no more here. cillbro now that i am not MM123. but all of you the only persons tha i considered as i friend are telling that i am MM123. pleas you need to believe me. WHAT I NEED TO DO TO YOU TO BELIVE ME. :(


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2009-09-04 17:46:34

You should've come up with a different name.


2009-11-21 12:32:04

It's ok! I'm your friend too! And if your my friend, all of MY friends on newgrounds will be your friend too!

P.S. Sup chillbro?